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FORZA International can offer a vast range of services to the oil and gas industry and has a successful and long-standing track record in this market. Our areas of expertise are;

Petroleum Testing Laboratory Equipment: We FORZA international manufacture laboratory equipment to measure the physical characteristics of Fuel, Lubricants and industrial specialties.

Please check our ‘Product’ Page for more information.

Customized Product Engineering: When facing the unique requirements of the oil analysis laboratory sector, sometimes something more than an off-the-shelf solution is required. We FORZA international designs and manufactures a diverse selection of bespoke equipment, with each instrument specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.

By using our own proven instrument designs as a basis and adding alterations depends on your needs, we can produce solutions which directly meet with customer specs, ensuring that they get the results in the most accurate and reliable way possible by strictly comply with all required international testing standards.

The company's expertise, particularly in the fields of Temperature, pressure and flow parameters means that each and every instrument is fine-tuned to ensure the best possible levels of performance. We already produced many bespoke equipments for a range of vital and innovative laboratory projects, from third-party inspections labs to refineries.

Customers are supported throughout the vital design and manufacturing stages, as well as provided with on-going support once the final product is delivered. With decades of experience in the design and quality manufacture of sophisticated oil analysis equipment especially catered for the reputed petroleum sector, top levels of quality, accuracy, and reliability are guaranteed. We can ensure that our product designs meet CE, UL safety standards.

Mission Critical Supplies: In oil and gas applications, reliability and safety are essential. FORZA has extensive experience at all levels of the oil & gas supply chain (upstream, midstream & downstream).To support the industry’s highly regulated, mission-critical operations, FORZA can support the clients for sourcing the critical components and accessories in a very limited time with maximum reliability by utilizing our global reach. Also, Our experienced engineering staff can work directly with your technical team to select, design and supply customized engineering products.

Consultancy and Training: FORZA is also recognized as a qualified Consultancy and Training team for oil analysis laboratory turnkey projects. We are passionate about providing practical, in-depth laboratory consultancy services with the intent to advance and improve the laboratory environment, improve the quality and safety through better education and training.

FORZA international stands out because of the knowledge and experience we have garnered over decades in the oil& gas industry enabling us to go beyond typical management consulting— we also provide our own ASTM based instruments, customized solutions, and disruptive technologies where they are needed to boost your competitive edge.

Available services are: Lab Startup, QC Best practices, Training and Education, Automation of existing Equipment and Acquisitions and Mergers.


FORZA International can offer two types of services for the petrochemical industry.

Custom Laboratory Glass Reactor System: Customized reactions systems designed to meet your special specifications and budget. FORZA’s strategic partners and scientific glassblowers are experts in the design and manufacture of exceptional quality scientific glassware; we have a long history (over 40 years) of working with chemists and chemical engineers in the leading petrochemical facilities around the world. All of our glass components are manufactured exclusively from Type I, Class A borosilicate glass meeting ASTM Specification E438 for its exceptional chemical and heat resistance. 100% Made in the USA.

Whether you require a small benchtop reactor or a complex pilot plant, Please contact our technical specialists to discuss your requirements.

Customized Refrigerated chillers and circulators: FORZA utilizes over 30 years of refrigeration work experience in designing and building Refrigerated chillers and circulators chillers for your laboratory applications.